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You can contact the site administrator by leaving a comment with your name, email address and lot number (where applicable).  I’ll get back to you quickly.


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  1. Hello, We are Larry and Carrie Hopkins and new property owners at lot 15 18598 SW Mt. Adams Loop. Would like to get a mail box key, gate code and password to access members information.

    Thank you

  2. How many properties have homes verses bare lots as of now? I have a client interested in this neighborhood and is asking me.

  3. Hello, I am purchasing lot #37 on the corner of Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Jefferson Way. i have a few planning questions and would like to contact someone regarding those questions. Thank you.

  4. Good morning. We just recently purchased lot 48. I have a few questions I would like to ask a couple questions please.

  5. We are interested in purchasing a lot. Could we talk with someone in regards to requirements to be member of the WPBE?

    • Hello, Karina. I’ve forwarded your inquiry to the Board, but my understanding is the only thing you need to do to be a member is to buy a lot. Someone on the board will be getting back to you soon.

  6. We are the new owners of lot 31 and would like a password for the members only content please.
    Ken and Nyra Gibbs

    • Welcome! Rosann told me you had bought the house – I am your neighbor just to the west of you. Please check your hotmail address for this info.

      • Good morning, Linda and I are purchasing lot 45 and would like to have access to the membership site and also would like some guidance with regard to the building process requirements. Thanks, Jack

        • Good morning, Jack, and welcome. Once your purchase goes through, let me know and I’ll add you to the membership-only portion of the website. The Plan Review package can be found on the public portion website as well, in addition to the CC&Rs which contain all the steps necessary to comply. If you’d rather speak to a person, I will email you the contact info for the chair of that Committee. Thank you.

          • Linda and I have closed on the property, respectfully request access to the membership-only-portion. Thanks, JR

  7. Good afternoon,

    My wife and I are currently under contract for a lot in the subdivision and I have a question about the building design review application process. Can you please put me in contact with the correct person(s)?

    Thank you,


    • Steve, many of the lots in our subdivision are for sale, and have “for sale” signs on them with realtor names and numbers. Are you looking for something in particular?

  8. Hello,

    I have some questions about your community and the regulations on building. Can you give me a call back
    541 977 1345.

    Thank you very much


    • Jacob, I’ve forwarded your request to the HOA board. Someone will be in touch with you soon. Thanks for the comment.

  9. Thanks. I must have logged in under an old email. When trying to reset the password I get a message stating that kmetzres@ gmail is not connected. Can I reset and make sure the email is corrected?

    Thanks for thinking of Karen.

  10. Hello. We would like log in and password for the owners information on this site for Mike and Karen Kmetz at 6145 Mt Bachelor Dr, lot 3 replat.

    Thank you.

    • Mike, I sent you this information on 12/11 of last year. User name Kmetz, and I’ve no idea what your password is. Please let me know if you need me to reset it. My best to Karen.

  11. We are the owners of lot 48. Steve and Kris Pimentel. We need to find out how to get into the owners only area of this site. Also, is there a directory of owners? I am trying to reach an owner named James. Thank you

    • Hi, Kris – sorry for the delay, I’ve been traveling for a week. There is no directory of owners, but I can send your message to James Scheller, as I think that’s the only “James” we have.

  12. Hi, we have rented a home out there and the new tenant cannot get the gate to open with the code we were given. I am just taking a chance this will get to you tonight. Please call me

  13. Mike- Please give me a call when you get some time, I have a buyer that is very interested in purchasing in WPBE and I would like to pick your brain.
    Thanks! Myranda

    • Myranda, if you mean to contact Mike Rooney, he is not the website administrator and wouldn’t see this any time soon. I’ll email it to him.

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